Extraction is the permanent removal of a tooth.  This may be necessary for a variety of reasons.

  • Periodontal Disease-loss of the supporting bone around the tooth, causing the tooth to become loose and an infection in the bone and gums.

  • Decay-softening of the tooth, if large enough we may not be able to save the tooth.

  • Fracture-a tooth can crack from biting into something hard or a large restoration can leave the tooth weakened.  If the fracture extends into the nerve or down the root, the tooth may not be restorable.

  • Orthodontics-removal of permanent teeth may be necessary during braces to correct crowding or problems with the bite.

  • Wisdom Teeth-not many people have enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt into the proper position.  As a result, they are prone to infection, periodontal disease and decay.


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