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At Sweet Smiles Family Dentistry we see kids of all ages!

Pediatric Dentistry|Children's Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry takes patience and a gentle touch.  We want to see your kids smile when they leave and happy to come back.

Kids should see the dentist for the first time at the age of 1.  Checkups at such a young age allow you to prevent oral health problems as your little ones grow.  


We will evaluate the development of the teeth, check the health of the teeth and gums.  We also evaluate for tongue tie, mouth breathing, as well as growth and development of the jaws.  Proper development of the mouth is SO IMPORTANT to allow for proper breathing during sleep.  If a child snores, this is not normal.  This indicates that they have a problem with their airway and it affects how well they sleep.  Not enough oxygen and not enough sleep in a growing child can impact their ability to pay attention in school and at home, which can lead to hyperactivity and emotional outbursts. 

Signs of an airway problem:

-Dark circles under the eyes

-Snoring or loud breathing during sleep

-Difficult to wake in the morning

-Tired during the day

-Inability to focus

-Emotional outbursts


-Tongue tie (unable to stick tongue out or lift tongue up)

-Speech problems

Treatment: varies 

-Referral to an ENT if tonsils are enlarged

-Lingual frenectomy if tongue tied

-Orthodontic expander if narrow top jaw

-Braces if crowded upper and/or lower teeth

-Orthodontic appliances to help the jaw bones grow

You might be thinking: My child is too young to need treatment for the alignment of the teeth...

-If a child is showing signs of an airway problem, we cannot wait to correct it!  


We start with appliances as early as 3-4 yrs old to correct underbites.  This is when the jaws grow the most, so we need to make sure both jaws are growing at the same rate!

Every child should be seen every 6 months for an evaluation.


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